Midnight Velvet's True Red Trench

Rev it Up with Midnight Velvet’s Red Trench

In Midnight Velvet’s Red Trench Video, I say “Don’t cover up your style, amplify it!” I love that! Just because the temperatures cool doesn’t mean you get to slack on your style! One of the reasons why a coat is so important is you’re going to wear it constantly. Your coat is the piece you go to over and over again. Day after day, week after week, your coat needs to be practical but inspiring! It needs to be something you want to wear.

What’s more practical than a trench coat? It’s a classic piece that never, ever, goes out of style. Think about it? Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with her khaki trench over a simple black sheath and oversized sunglasses. Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour giving a master class in Parisian chic. And super sexy Robyn Givens turning up at Eddie Murphy’s door wearing just a trench over her lingerie in Boomerang! The trench may seem boring but you can’t tell me it’s not sexy!

Of course the trench in khaki is a no brainer but I love that this season Midnight Velvet introduced it in a fantastic color, red. Red may seem a color you can’t wear all the time or with everything but try it! It’s a primary color that accents just about every other color. And wow does it make a statement! In a sea of black, brown and navy coats our lipstick Red Trench makes you even more of a standout!

Ladies I present to you the coat of the season Midnight Velvet’s Red Trench!

Watch the Midnight Velvet video

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