Marcellas for Midnight Velvet!

Marcellas for Midnight
Marcellas for Midnight

How excited am I to be a part of the Midnight Velvet family? Two years ago my dear friend, make-up artist extraordinaire Maureen Burke, introduced me to the team at Midnight Velvet. Maureen has worked with MV for years as their Makeup Artist as well as the judge and beauty expert for the makeover contest Midnight Velvet once had. She’d also been trying to bring MV & I together. Maureen knew my TV work and thought the addition of a fashion stylist to the makeover contest would be exciting. Talk about a match made in heaven! Coming up this fall, you’re going to see me offering style tips & ideas in a series of videos. The first video introduces this amazing partnership with me.

Take a look at the video on Midnight Velvet’s Style Ideas & More page.

It’s an honor for me to work with Midnight Velvet. I had a blast working with the winners of the makeover contest. I love connecting with real women & hearing their stories. I love makeovers which I call “make-betters.” For me it’s not a superficial thing. You see I learned at a very early age from my mother & grandmother, 2 powerful, working women, the importance of fashion. Clothing is armor. It’s non-verbal communication which tells the world who you are. It also communicates who you want to be. Think about it. From birth we dress up for the big occasions in our lives; from a newborn child’s christening gown to a teenager’s prom dress to a bride’s wedding gown and the groom’s tux. You put on a suit when you have an important meeting at work. You slip on that sexy black dress for that big night out with your man or sexy lingerie for an even bigger night in. Clothes move us forward, inspire us & tell the world who we are without a single word.

I’m so happy my role here at Midnight Velvet has morphed into style ambassador for the brand. Together with the team I want to encourage the Midnight Velvet woman to look & feel their best! Who doesn’t love the feeling you get when you put on a great outfit & you know you look amazing? I also want to talk to the customers about what they want and need in their closet. I want to help you build the sensational wardrobe of your dreams because shopping is fun & I want to be a part of that with you.

Connect with Midnight Velvet & I however you would like. Together, let’s have a very good time… Stylishly!
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  1. Hello Marcellas, I love your fashion I am a fashion designer, Chic & High Fashion is my business. I’m working on my Clothing Line. I will have my website coming up soon. I’m a very good designer, just need some pointers on making it happen big. I sew for a lot of people and every customer is happy. I design leather, casual, business evening and African attire. Hope to hear from you.

    Erma Varnado, Chic & High Fashions by E’DenaV

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