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So I’m seeing someone. We’re trying to figure out what that means. I care about him. A lot. I think he feels the same way. I get happy to hear his voice or get his texts.

He’s got his own playlist on my iPod:

1) My Lovin’ Goes Christina Milian
This feelin’ so new, Been searchin’ for you, I wonder how you lived life without me, Cuz somethin’ tells me, You’re all that I need, I wanna give you my everything, I’ll let you think about this in the meantime, I’ll make your life better in between time, I’m knowing that we’re meant to be together boy, Just tell me baby I will do whatever

2) Lost Without U Robin Thicke

3) Sexy Love Ne-Yo

4) Hey Fella LeToya

5) My Love Justin Timberlake
I can see us holding hands Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand I can see us on the countryside Sitting on the grass, laying side by side You could be my baby, let me make you my man Boy, you amaze me Ain’t gotta do nothing crazy See, all I want you to do is be my love

6) I Wanna Be Down Brandy
I would like to get to know if I could be The kind of guy you that you could be down for Cuz when I look at you I feel something tell me That you’re the kind of guy that I should make a move on And if I don’t let you know Then I won’t be for real I could be wrong but I feel like something could be going on The more I see you the more that it becomes so true There ain’t no other for me it’s only you

7) I Bruise Easily Natasha Bedingfield

8) Follow Me Home Sugababes

9) Me And U Cassie
I was waiting for you to tell me you were ready I know what to do, if only you would let me As long as you’re cool with it, I’ll treat you right Here is where you wanna be

10) Stop 4 Love Basement Jaxx

11) Sittin’ Up In My Room Brandy

12) Crush Jennifer Paige

13) He Is Brandy

14) 2 Hearts Sugababes
Everything between us makes me glow But how could you know? Simple things bring simple pleasures that we know Or maybe they didn’t show You’re the must have, you’re the bomb I’m in your palm Love freely, so really, there’s a calm Where’s it from?

15) Waiting For A Girl… (Lifestylerz Rmx) Foreigner

16) To Know Your Name Lindsay Lohan

17) Someone To Love Jon B.

18) They Don’t Know Jon B.
Don’t listen to what people say They don’t know about ’bout you and me Put it out your mind cause it’s jealousy They don’t know about this here

19) Forever Westlife

20) Could It Be I’m Falling In Love The Spinners

21) Angel Of Mine Monica

22) The Time Is Now Moloko

23) My Funny Valentine Matt Damon

24) Be Without You Mary J. Blige

25) Embraceable You Duncan Sheik

26) Weather Storm Craig Armstrong

27) We Could Be Keyshia Cole
When you hear me talking what you think? When you looking into my eyes what you see? I know you ain’t tryn’ to be my man, but what you think about us being friends, Making plans to be eveything we wanna be, Making our dreams turn reality, I’m diggin’ everything you appear to be And I’m wondering if we could be real good, good friends?

28) Let’s Take A Ride Justin Timberlake

29) Tell Me How You Feel Joy Enriquez
you’re on my mind had another sleepless nite and all I think about is that I want you here and now all I wanna say is that I want you in my life I need you to hold me make me feel so rite there’s no other love oh yea you’re everything that I’m looking for and more

30) You’re Beautiful (Almighty Rad Remix) James Blunt

31) Precious Box George Michael

32) Into You Fabolous
I can’t really explain it I’m so into you now I wanna be more than a friend to you now When they ask, I mention my babyboy in the interviews now And I don’t bring the problems from the 90s in the 2 thou There’s no reason to have a friend or two now Cuz the kid’s ready to tell you how he feel in a few vows Maybe I speak in general now But boy, ima do whatever just to keep a grin on you now

33) Speed Of Sound (C-64 Radio Edit) Coldplay

34) Warning Sign Coldplay

35) Make Me Whole Amel Larrieux
And your eyes are the windows to heaven Your smile could heal a million souls Your love completes my existence You’re the other half that makes me whole You’re the only other half that makes me whole


3 thoughts on “iPod Playlist

  1. Clay

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who still listens to old school Brandy…

    How can one be down?
    Tell me where to start
    ’cause every time you smile
    I feel tremors in my heart

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Marcellas


    I love me some Brandy. Her Full Moon cd was a revelation when it came out. He Is is the perfect love song. Too bad my boy and I are on the rocks and now we have a break-up playlist!

    Why don’t you and I date?


  3. Clay

    On the rocks?! Oh no! In that case, let me suggest a few songs for your break-up playlist:

    TLC – No Scrubs
    Beyonce – Irreplaceable
    Kelly Clarkson – the entire Breakaway album

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