Color Wow: Cobalt Blue with Midnight Velvet

Color! It has meaning; from the power & sexiness of red, to the happy optimism of yellow. How about the chic coolness of black or the serene calm of sky blue? Color inspires us, empowers us & expresses our personality!

Color is special like a wonderful dress for a big night out, like the slinky blue number with gold embellishments in this week’s “Cobalt Cool” video. 

Because color is very personal, we each have our favorites. In our latest video, Midnight Velvet and I single out the color of cobalt. In the video I refer to it as “the color of the moment!” What I love about this show-stopping, attention-getting color is it pairs so well with black and white. If you don’t have one item in your closet in this super cool hue, now is the time to try it! 

And don’t stop there! Color is one of fashion’s biggest trends. Look for bright hues in red, gold & purple. Don’t be afraid to mix vibrant colors with basics like black, white, khaki & your fave pair of jeans! Try a color you’ve never worn before and tell me what you think! 

For Midnight Velvet, I’m your personal stylist Marcellas Reynolds. 

Watch the Midnight Velvet video on Bold & Contemporary fashions

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