I brought a bike. Now I can be seen almost daily cruising around Beverly Hills and West Holly on my jaguar cruiser. It’s so cute. It’s blue. And silver. I have a 50s bike mirror on it. I also have a little bell that has dice on it. Oh and I have a basket. A big basket.

Tee hee hee… I said basket.

My best pal Mel has the same bike. But she has a janky lil mirror that’s held on by Velcro. And she has pink gingham in her basket. That’s too girly… For me.

Today I decided to ride my bike to Bristol Farms as I was out of my fave hand soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, in Lemon Verbana scent. While at Bristol I decided on Ranier Cherries and Bing cherries. It’s nice to put them in a bowl mixed together. It’s aesthetically pleasing. Leave it to me to spend $20 on cherries because they look good.

While at Bristol, who is but an aisle over but Mary Stuart Masterson. In an adorable summer smock. On the way out I tell her I love her. Because I kinda do. I mean who doesn’t love Idgy from Fried Green Tomatoes? I also loved her 4 episode arc where she played detective turned psychiatrist on Law & Order: SVU.

I got cruised on my bike today more times than I can count. I was working a baby blue vintage guyabera, khaki cargo shorts (that Melanie gave me crap about the other day. She said they were capris. But I would never wear a capri, so they aren’t. Guys in capris are so gay.), John Varvatos Converse, Marc Jacobs aviators and of course my Rolex. I kept the sunglasses on in the store because I had a rather unfortuanate eyebrow shape and dye yesterday. They look good, she just went a bit too far with the arch.

Good God, I’m kind of a girl.

It just dawned on me; I’m a bit obnoxious on my bike! I’ve got a little bell that I ring at people like it’s a horn! I rang my bell at a woman today who was on her cell while driving! And I yelled, “Hey it’s against the law to talk on your cell and drive lady!” She flipped me off. Road rage on a bike ain’t cute.

I’m just saying…


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