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Summer ’11 Must Have – Sunglasses!

On Stage

While shooting a fashion layout for Rage a very wise man (Dan Deutsch of Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook) said to me “eye wear helps define who you are.” He told me this while handing me a pair of vintage pink sunglasses worn by Elton John during a concert tour in the 70s. Now everyone can’t pull off pink, but what I learned that day from Dan is true: Sunglasses are jewelry for the face. And just like you change a necklace or a watch, one should change up their glasses.

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Summer ’10 Skin!


Summer is here and this is the season to show it off. It’s about tanks, shorts and the shortest minis possible for girls. It’s about putting your best face forward for late nights and ultimate exposure. So before you go out for a little fun in the sun, whether it be poolside, at the beach or just drinking with pals at an outdoor cafe, be sure to take extra good care of your skin. Here are my picks to make sure you have a glowing summer!

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