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Boys I Like!

So I’m kinda seeing someone. In that L.A. way of “I’m too busy but can you stop by…” Or “I’ve got an event, wanna go?” way. It’s cool. Our agents, publicists and lawyers are hammering out the details. 😉 But in my dream I’m seeing one (or all) of these boys. And for the record, when I say “boy” I mean way over 21.
Without further ado, BOYS I LIKE:

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The Race Entry…

So a few weeks ago I met a guy or should I say a guy met me. He hit me up, made the initial approach if you will. The conversation was great. He was cute, smart and had body. Sexy. Since he approached me I thought why wouldn’t he want to hang out? (Yeah, hang out means date or even more.) When I asked him out he said he was “flattered”, thought I was “nice” but he did not date Black guys. What? What does that mean? You don’t date Black guys? How can you not? He said he didn’t find Black men attractive. Hold up! What are you saying you don’t find Black men attractive? How is that? Are you telling me that I’m not fine? Or Gary Dourdan? Or Kanye West? Or Michael Ealy? Or Tyson Beckford?
Not that I am putting myself into that category but even if you don’t find me attractive, Black men are beautiful. Our skin and bone structure. Our bodies. Our grace. Whatever…

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