Style Jolt!

Today’s Style Jolt is for the home! I’m always trying to find cool easy ways to add a lil joie de vivre to, well, just about everything. My bath is my sanctuary & I’ve found a fun, easy & inexpensive way to add a welcome shot of whimsy to my personal spa. Simply add a fun shower liner!

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All I Want For Christmas… 2010!


Dear Santa-

I’ve been a good boy this year (sorta). If you overlook that one thing that happened at San Diego Pride… Anyway you know, Santa, that I like really nice things. I mean that’s what I’m all about; the best things. And in the spirit of Christmas & Oprah’s last season, here are Marcellas’ Favorite Things. I want them all Santa. I’ll be waiting up on Xmas eve… And my cookies are super good…

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