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Fashion (Week) Kills…

So I’ve been doing the L.A. Fashion Week thing. It’s been kinda crazy. Diane and I went to 2 shows yesterday; Oligo Tissew and Kevan Hall. Oligo was… Well if you can’t say anything nice. Wait, when I was little my mom bumped into a friend on the street who’d just given birth. That baby was ugly. I’d never seen an ugly baby before. I recoiled. My mother who was desperate to say something, anything nice said, “Ooooh that’s a pretty blanket.” “Where did you get that blanket?” So I’ll say this about Tissew, “Ooh that girl in the front row next to Paula Abdul is so pretty.” “Who is she?” Hayden Panettiere.

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When Ex-Supermodels Attack! LA Fashion Week.

Yesterday was my first day at L.A. Fashion Week Fall 2007. I only went to see one show and ended up spending the entire day there. Front row at every show. The weird thing about L.A. Fashion Week is no real celebs actually attend. Yeah you get the stray Eva Longoria sighting but you are lucky if you get JC Chasez or Paris Hilton or Tara Reid. Sorry. Not really A-listers.

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The Week That Was…. 2

So I’ve decided that for a bit, I’m going to try, TRY, to blog everyday. I really don’t know how people can do it everyday. I feel like I lead an exciting life but talking about it everyday? Is there anyone who has anything that interesting to say? I love myself but that’s a lot.So here goes:
I hate people who use “your” instead of “you’re.” That is a common grammatical mistake that irks me. Hate is a bit strong. Pity? No… Whatever! It bothers me.

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The 2007 Oscars!

Okay you know I love the Oscars. Every year I get so excited about the nominations. I gotta say this year I’m surprised by so much! Let me get this off my chest right away… I can’t believe Bill Condon didn’t get nominated for Best Director for Dreamgirls. And wasn’t Dreamgirls so much better than Chicago (which I loved). And remember Chicago got every accolade known to mankind. I also would have subbed Dreamgirls for United 93. My roommate and I had a debate about United… I say it’s simply good propaganda and who is going to come out and say it was a mediocre film? My roommate says that it did well internationally and was a good, little seen film. I counter with I truly doubt the members of the Academy even saw it.

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I’m so behind on my blog. I’m crazed. It’s kinda ridic. Where to begin? Well 1st and foremost I’ll be on The Maury Show, Tuesday, January, 16th. It’s the viral video show. Videos that have taken the web by storm. I introduce a few clips that have been viewed millions of times on the net. I also talk about how much YouTube sucks and what it’s like to be massively downloaded. Todd Newton is also on the epi. On Thursday, January, 25th I’m on How Do I Look on the Style Network. How Do I Look is my fave reoccurring gig. I love it so. I work for Style Network and E! a lot. Love them.

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Caught In A Moment…

I am so having a moment right now. Have you ever lost something that wasn’t your’s to begin with? I’m sitting here on Xmas Day listening to Mariah Carey, Can’t Let Go, on repeat and I’m so depressed. I’ve been replaced by the past. You went back to the familiar and now I sit here with nothing. A bunch of text messages and 2 voice mails. 2 voice mails down from 3 because I’ve saved them so long the system is slowly erasing them. And that’s totally how I feel about us. Each day you slip a bit further away. But the further you go, the clearer I see you. Fuck. I know this was just a childish dalliance and it probably wouldn’t have worked but it was so all I had. Hundreds of texts. The 1st thing in the morning and the last thing at night. All those stupid late night phone calls for hours and hours. Talking about nothing. It was like being in High School again. And you are so sweet. Will I ever meet anyone as sweet as you again? I hoped we could be friends but that last phone call was so strained and weird. So not the way we used to be with each other. And now silence. Silence that’s worse than strained, not knowing what to say talking. How many more times can I listen to these voice mails before they disappear too? How do you mourn what could have been?

Only Good Boys Keep Diaries. Bad Boys Don’t Have Time…

As you know I have a problem with YouTube. I think it’s gross. And all that clip and paste bulls*^t makes me crazy. When I see those video tributes made by people who obviously need a life it makes me ill. Creating a false reality makes you insane. Not hopeful. You’re seeing things that didn’t exist. And you got played by players. Who continue to play you because you’re um mm… Gullible. Alright that’s all I’m gonna say… Well one more thing: CBS should sue that site and make them take that stuff down. If you wanna post your homemade video of you dancing around and acting stupid or your “adorable” pet/baby eating tinsel or even your sex tape, fine but lay off me & my friends. There I’m done. Kinda.

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